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Hello everyone! I’m Courtney, a social media publicist, exercise nut and healthy eating (re: food-loving) twenty-something contributor/behind the scenes girl for Erica Smith Fitness and Lifestyle. I live in downtown Indianapolis, IN and enjoy all kinds of physical activities – especially those that take place outside. I’d consider myself a runner and a cyclist, but I’m also a TurboKicker, a spinner and a wannabe weightlifter.
As a contributor (and good friend of Miss Smith) I felt compelled to share a bit about myself and my story. 
Without further ado, a VERY little bit about me: 
Some call them goggles, I call them bug deflectors.
I was overweight/borderline obese most of my life. I attribute it to lack of knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise. I grew up playing volleyball and softball, but because of our busy schedule (both of my brother also played sports), meals were generally on the road/from the freezer section.
After college/circa 2011, I decided I had had enough of being “the big girl.” I started counting my calories and exercising every day. I was amazed to see how simply being conscious of what I ate and consciously exercising changed my body. Within a year I lost 75-80 (+ or – depending on the season/what I’m training for).
In the place of the 80ish pounds came an addiction to exercise and a very disordered eating mindset that I still battle every day. Physically I looked amazing (to a point) but emotionally I was crumbling. Through the help of friends and family (particularly Erica) I was able to find the strength to get myself out of that pit and recognize that my worth isn’t in my body, but in my heart and actions. My biggest fear was becoming fat again. Now my biggest fear is not living a life worth remembering.

I still work out most every day – because I love working out. I’m still conscious of what I eat – because my body is my future. A few weeks back I did the Spartan Race in Laural, IN and came in 6th among women, second in my age group! I went home and had a cookout with some friends and cocktails – there’s balance! I also attempted my first 100 mile bike challenge last weekend (The Three State Three Mountain Century in Chattanooga, TN – it was cut short because of the weather). I run half marathons and finish sprint triathlons. Exercise is a joy to me. I love to have something to train for, and to be honest, I still have trouble treating my body well (nourishment and rest don’t come easy…yet). It’s a process and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Erica’s help.

I also LOVE encouraging, coaching, supporting, helping/butt kicking anyone who needs it. If you’re feeling down or need a boost, please feel free to friend me/message me – sincerely!

— Courtney Skells, Publicist and adventure junkie

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2 thoughts on “Run, Ride and Relax

  1. I am so proud of you Courtney! We have similar stories, and I would love to chat about that sometime! In 2002 I weighed in at 262 lbs. Took a long time, but I lost the weight through exercise and changing my diet and complete lifestyle. xoxo

  2. This is so inspiring! I hope I can take a tip from this and get back on track. Finals/school messes up my workout schedule (as do some other stressors in life… ) but now summer is here and I'm ready, and this helps me feel motivated! Thank you for sharing your story!

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