Just because you are a nurse…

Today’s post is dedicated to the nursing crew today!  Although this post is applicable for anyone.  I have had a few nursing friends that were specifically asking me about hair styles that they could try to shake it up when they are working.  They were tired of the same old drab ponytail.

Usually when you are working, you typically want your hair to stay out of your face.  It needs to be low maintenance and easy to do or else you aren’t going to want to do it.  It needs to be pulled back and last for hours at a time.  Typical shifts for my nursing friends could be anywhere from 8 to 12 hour stints with limited breaks.  Clearly, the last thing they need to worry about or should be worrying about is their hair.

1. Ponytail with hair wrap
This is so very simple.  Pull your hair into a ponytail.  It is your preference of whether you want this to be a low ponytail or if you want it up a little higher.  I would recommend using a thicker elastic band even if your hair is fine and thin it will make a huge difference in stability.

Then take a section of hair (as seen below) and you will wrap it around the elastic band as a covering around it.  When you get to about an inch or so of hair left reach under and tuck the end of the hair through securing it.  You will still have a little bit of hair left, you can tuck it in the lower part of the ponytail where it magically disappears.


2. Braids
French braids are great for keeping your hair back and out of your face.  There are many variations to which all ages can wear.  You can secure your hair in a ponytail first, then braid the remainder of the hair.  Secure with a secondary elastic band.

Another variation which is really fun is creating a braid across the front of your hairline as seen below.  If you need your hair more so away from your face, pulling it into a low ponytail is always a good option.


Or you could always do two french braids:


3. Buns

Here is a bun with the front braid idea:
Now, you can also wear a stylish traditional bun.  If you are worried about having enough hair to do this style that is no problem.  There is also a lot of variety seen with wearing buns.  You can wear a high bun, low bun, messy bun…the possibilities are truly endless.  
If you have long hair, you can buy this beautiful little tool called a hair donut.  Here is how it works!  This is so easy to use and makes your bun look flawless every time.


4. Shorter Hair
If your hair is not long enough to try any of the above, sometimes it is just easier to invest in some cute headbands.  I have found some that don’t squeeze my head and are very chic.  They hold my bangs back without fail and allow me a little bit of flair. 

All in all, there are ways to look and feel good at work without spending a ton of time on it.  A little effort goes a long way!  These are just a few suggestions but you know it could be infinity and beyond…
Beauty knows no limits….
Catie Manning

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