His and Hers

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am very into anything DIY. My most recent projects include making “His” and “Hers” apron sets as wedding presents. The groom apron is made with his favorite sports team fabric and the bride apron is very girly; complete with lots of ruffles! (I love ruffles, I think I would put them all over our house if my husband would approve). Once I get a set done- I have 3 to complete!- I will definitely post some pictures J Once finished with the currents projects I am planning on adding them to my Etsy shop as a “made to order” item as well. Customers would pick the general color scheme of the bride apron and then the sports team fabric for the groom apron (or stripes etc if the groom is not into sports).  Sewing and crafts are my big hobby but I also love to be in the kitchen; a good apron is always something that comes in handy. For guys who are not into “kitchen cooking”, tailgating season is upon us which brings plenty of grill time. And what better way to grill out than to also support your favorite team?!

On the topic of “his” and “hers”, it is Ovarian/Prostate Cancer awareness week. Although I am a nurse, I do not work with cancer patients and so the statistics of the different types of cancer always stun me. Yes, there are many diseases that tear the body apart, but few are as deadly as cancer. It is a great accomplishment to overcome such a sickness- so to all you cancer survivor readers: WAY TO GO! You fought the fight and WON! In support of the victims of ovarian or prostate cancer (whether current or past), I would donate 10% of apron sales to ovarian and prostate cancer foundations, unless otherwise specified.

My maternal grandfather had prostate cancer which metastasized to his lungs (and other parts of his body) and sadly did not win his fight. I was only 8 so I don’t remember much, but he was living with us for the last few months and I do remember the day he died. It’s interesting how vividly you remember some events in your life and yet others pass by unnoticed. My mom sent us kids outside to play and a little while later I came inside to find out that he had passed. That was the day I also saw my dad cry for the first time. I said “Dad, you’re not REALLY crying are you?” He responded, “Yes, I am. I am sad.” “But you NEVER cry. You’re not really crying.” He looked taken aback and was silent after that; a very awkward kind of silent and I am pretty sure I hurt his feelings. I have always regretted that comment, but I was only 8 and I guess 8 year olds don’t know much about holding their tongues. While in nursing school I made a medical family tree for one of my classes and found out that my paternal grandfather also had prostate cancer but had gone into remission. As far as I know, he has not had any problems since (J). Knowing this fact, I am very aware that my father and two brothers are at high risk to also have prostate cancer. Scary thought, huh?!

Anyways, if you know someone who is/has been victim to ovarian or prostate cancer, be sure to say a word of encouragement to them this week. Cancer is a tough battle and those who survive do so with the help of their family and friends beside them. If the “right” words don’t come to mind, a smile or hug often speak more encouragement than words ever could.

~ Ruth