Just because you don’t have hair…

Gold is such a royal and beautiful color.  It just so happens to be the color associated with pediatric cancer.  Cancer is a disease that steals.  It takes without mercy and when an adult is diagnosed it is bad; but it is horrific when a child is diagnosed with such a disease.  Children have such a beautiful innocence about them and even thinking of what is against those who are diagnosed makes me ill.  Children should never have to deal and cope with something so heavy, yet the unfortunate reality is that this is apart of our lives and cancer isn’t going away anytime soon.

Today, I want to offer some fashionable assistance and resources in helping children dealing with feeling better about their appearance through their diagnosis, treatment, and helping keep their esteem up through the recovery of this disease.

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Just because you don’t have hair, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful!

Believe it or not our hair is just an accessory to our over all appearance.  It doesn’t own us or define us.  It enhances our over all appearance but it doesn’t make us who we are.  When going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments it is not uncommon for a patient’s hair to disappear.  Then after treatment, it could grow in very different then before!  That is hard to imagine.  It can be embarrassing for a child to lose their hair, but there are ways to help ease the pain of this.

Locks of Love:
This Florida based organization provides hairpieces to under privileged children in need.  This organization is extremely popular and I know of several individuals who have donated their mane to them.  You are able to nominate a child or alert them of someone that might be a good fit.  Check them out at http://www.locksoflove.org.

Wigs for Kids:
This Ohio based organization provides information, consultations, and wigs for kids dealing with hair loss of all kinds.  Specific for children’s needs.  Finding a good wig will help boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence.  http://www.wigsforkids.org (Great resource to find wigs of all kinds based on a needs basis)

Headcovers Unlimited:
I was extremely impressed with how this company started.  Under the “Our Story” tab on the website, you too can read it.  Really awesome start to helping others feel better through the hair loss.  They have a wide variety of offerings that a child dealing with cancer might find just perfect to cover their heads.  http://www.headcovers.com/children/

Fashion Scarves and Hats:
At Claire’s boutique, you can find several hats and head wraps to which would be appropriate for a young girl without hair to accessorize with.  They are brightly colored, fashionable, and I think could really help a young lady shine.  http://www.claires.com/store/us/the-goods/hair/cat1730030/hair/headwraps/.

This site also had some reasonable and adorably fashionable choices to choose from as far as hats and head wraps go.  I also like this as they have also included some hat choices for boys as well.  http://www.hatsscarvesandmore.com.

Finding the right wig or covering can be a trying and exhausting task.  It is important that you go to a wig specialist in finding the perfect shape and style to fit the face.  A wig specialist is also going to help you find the best fit for the head in need.  Wigs can be fun to play with in addition to finding something that looks as the child’s prior to hair.  The better the fit, the better the child is comfortable in the wig or head covering the better over all they will feel about them wearing it.  That will have a direct and positive affect on your child’s self-esteem.

 Good luck most of all to the children who have cancer.  Those innocent children who are faced with fighting for their lives.  You are not only an inspiration to the cross you bear with such strength, but you truly are amazing.  Keep fighting, praying and never lose hope. We support you.  We love you.

–Catie Manning