What Inspires You?


There is that word again…

I have been trying to spice my life up a bit.  Not that it isn’t diverse and crazy-good already, but it is important to me never to live a day where I don’t seek inspiration.  Inspiration helps keep the perception and mind clear.  It continues to allow the creative juices flow freely.  There is so much that surrounds us to which is good and can take a rough start into a smooth sailing sailing remainder of the day.

Here are a few of my latest inspirations:

SONG.  I was driving in my car the other day when I accidentally hit my iPod and it went to shuffle mode.  I sort of freaked out a little as I didn’t exactly know how or what I did.  It turned out to be the best mistake ever!

I had forgotten how much awesome and random music exists in my possession.  So I have found inspiration in music.  You would be surprised how much my memory was jogged with such fondness.

For your listening pleasure.

DOODLES.  Being a janitor sounds so menial.  I mean you spend your day picking up after everyone and it might not be satisfying at all; however this was such a cool find.  I would have loved to see the shock and awe in park patrons seeing such a cool and unexpected talent.

Can you imagine making this janitor job amazing?  Now that inspires me!

GLUE.  My family and friends continue to inspire me as well.  They are the glue when I start to crack a bit.  I have such a tight knit support group that is so equally wide spread.  My family lives close, but my best friends live no where near me!  Distance has never been an obstacle.  We haven’t allowed it to be that way either.  They send me notes, texts, and over all little reminders that they have my back.  We encourage each other.  They expose me to life in it’s raw and I am forever inspired at results of those friendships.

HUMOR.  For those of you who don’t know me…I am not the tallest person, but what I lack in height I gained in personality!  This one made me crack up yesterday…

Inspiration can be found in a sign, song, kind words or an observation.  Inspiration can be found in the littlest of objects and persons.  It is so important not to forget that fact.

So, I want to know what inspires you?