A Make-up Art Creation

Every day I try to find something that really gets my mind going; not that coffee doesn’t help greatly, but sometimes it takes a really amazing little find to get me excited.

This morning I came across a make-up artist to which I thought was interesting to say the least! Her name is Veronica Azaryan. Her use of texture, color and contrast is something to be noted. Clearly this is extremely Avant-garde, but it has some values that one could apply to your everyday make-up pallet.

Her use of contrast with applying light and dark is a trick used to allow something to appear larger or smaller. Lightness creates largeness and dark creates descent of light or slimness. Eye shadow is a perfect place to start!  Please forgive the elementary drawing, but this might be a technique for you to try:

For bright eyes, highlight the interior of the eye lid and accent the exterior with a deep/dark color.  Use a medium color for blending.
For bright eyes, highlight the interior of the eye lid and accent the exterior with a deep/dark color. Use a medium color for blending.

To finish this look, blend in your eye shadow moving from the inside light to dark.  And to polish this look off, use your favorite mascara to accent those beautiful lashes of yours!

Here are a few last minute tips:

  • Refer to this chart for suggested pallet choices to best compliment your eyes:


  • As found on Mary Kay board on Pinterest
  • Use your lightest shadow all over your lid from your eyelash line to the lower boarder of your eye brow
  • The secondary color (blending color) should begin at the part of your lid that is just to the outside rim of Iris (colored part of eye) toward the end of your eye and only up as far as your eye crease
  • For the third (accent color) just start where your blending color starts along the eye lash line is and feather (gentle strokes to control the amount of color being applied) it until it reaches the end of your eye lashes.  When applying this color to your crease, stay in the crease don’t extend down into the light and blended area
  • You should never apply your eye shadow outside the limits of where the outside of your brows are
  • To make any of these colors more intense, use a little water on a brush or cue tip just to dampen before applying the color on the brush.  Just make sure there are no crumbles of color left on the brush/cue tip before applying to your eyes
  • To make more dramatic, use a brighter or more contrasting color for your accent: blue, plumb purple, emerald green, or indigo

This is a simple technique that could have a plethora of out comes.   It amazes me how changing one little piece of my daily look makes so much of a difference.  People notice it too, so don’t be afraid to step outside that comfort zone once in a while!  You may really be surprised how confident it makes you feel.  Have the courage to step outside your comfort zone, you will never know unless you try!

Be adventurous.  Be daring .  Be bold.  We only have one life to live, you know.

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