Friday is Meant for Music…

There is nothing better than going on a nice summer ride with the windows down.  The wind is blowing in your face with the music in the background blaring loudly.  It is such a glorious free feeling when the sun is out and you just can’t help, but get your groove on!


So today I may or may not have been caught singing in my car.  I politely smiled back at the awkward gentleman in the car beside me (what, you have never seen a girl who thinks she was a rockstar?  psh)  and continued with my jam….as you all should know Friday is meant for music.  I have a soundtrack with eclectic and some meaningful music you all should check out.

1. Nightmare and the Cat-Blackbird Smile This fun little tune has a  good beat in the back beat.  It pumps me up.  This Neon Trees like band has a lot of variety of songs along the same lines and this song just makes me want to dance with my arm in the air.  Fist bump, oh yeah!

2. Jukebox the Ghost-Somebody My brother introduced me to Jukebox the Ghost.  They are a phenomenal Ben Folds Five-ish band that totally speaks to me.  I love the pop chords on the piano and the upbeat rhythm makes me feel alive with movement!  It is so hopeful and it speaks so much being a single…when is it going to be my turn?  No….but seriously!  Plus, I secretly want to be one of the dancers in the video…Charlie Brown anyone?

3. Spoon- The Underdog The song is a great reminder that you should never discredit anyone, especially the underdog!  They have to work the hardest to get to where they want to be.  If you are cocky, on top of the world, or are complacent with where you are living…WELL my friend you will not survive in this ever evolving world.  You have to be able to reinvent yourself from time to time.

4. Robyn & Royksopp-Do It Again  This is a good dance song.  Get your glow sticks ready…the repetitive lyrics and rhythm are catchy.   Perfect song to get you revved  up for a night out with the girls or any sort of dance party you may want to have!  Go ahead…listen to it and see what you think!

5. Something Corporate-Punk Rock Princess  This little throwback became my inspiration.  I am not sure why I love this song except when it was released I was in high school.  It brings back some pretty fond memories.  It was my AIM screen name back in the 90’s.  WHOA flashback!   Whenever I am ready to stroll down memory lane, Something Corporate is one of my many goto’s.

Whatever songs are on your soundtrack, choose to jam and have fun listening!  If you want to sing….then, sing!  If you want to dance…then dance!  These are the songs that inspire us.  These are the songs to which we are motivated and can relate.   Whatever music you choose,  don’t be afraid to get caught singing/dancing!  The other person’s reaction is priceless!