The year of THIRTY

This year, I turned thirty. At the age of twenty-four, I started anticipating thirty and by the time I was twenty-six, I somewhat hyperventilated when I though about or talked about that looming birthday. By twenty-nine however, I started to calm down. That birthday was inevitable, and I wanted to make the most of the milestone. “Cheers to 30 Years” was the theme of my party and I entered my year of thirty with toasts and friends.


I also created a list of things to accomplish this year, which are as follows:

1. Do something adventurous…hang gliding?
2. Don’t be lazy, go see a show in the City
3. Grow my own vegetables
4. Read thirty books in varying genres…I’ve already read four since May
5. Learn to play golf…and like it
6. Buy a bike and ride it
7. Learn to can vegetables
8. Go berry picking
9. Do something once a month by myself that I’ve never done before
10. Wake up early on the weekends
11. Start taking classes to go back to school
12. Write a postcard or letter once a month to someone that I care about
13. Take my thoughts captive when I get upset that others are engaged, married, having babies, getting promotions, etc. and I’m not.
14. See a car race
15. Ride a scooter or tandem bike…preferably on a date!
16. Use my crockpot more
17. Take a painting class
18. Mentor someone
19. Be mentored by someone
20. Participate in at least one volunteer activity a month
21. Complete a 5k and 8k
22. Meet my neighbors
23. Work on not letting others actions dictate my actions
24. Learn French
25. Listen to and engage with people I haven’t previously
26. Take more walks
27. Keep the calendar on my phone updated
28. Listen to voicemails
29. Go to a dueling piano bar
30. Go paddle boating

Italicized = items that I have done or am in the process of doing

What are some things on your “bucket list” for this year? Do share!

2 thoughts on “The year of THIRTY

  1. Erin T.

    I can now put #28 in italics as I went through 20 voicemails on my cell phone this morning! Yikes! I don’t want to do that again! Need to stay on top of that mode of communication!

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