Fringe Lose to Win 2014

At my salon, we are like one big family.  We all take care of one another.  We support, encourage and share in community with one another.  A few of us were talking about doing a fitness challenge to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle adjustments.  Our solution?  Fringe Lose to Win 2014.

Here are the rules:
-$25 buy in by 8/22
-Weigh in every Friday morning by 10AM (pic of feet on scale with amount sent to a neutral person and that is not posted for others to see)
-Start Date: 8/22-11/14
-Each week, if a gain is noted, $5 will be added to the pot
-Winner determined by the participant that loses the highest percentage based off initial weigh in

Given the criteria above, you can decide how you are going to set and achieve your goals.  For me, it isn’t necessarily about the weight loss so much as it is to maintain and get in shape again.  You know, make places on my body (that aren’t supposed to be jiggling) firm up and tone up….; My last dessert;  We all know that this didn’t help my cause….

In order to achieve my goals, I have a little criteria of my own.  Me and some of the other stylists at the salon are using an app called My Fitness Pal.  It is a really good tool I can use to track what I am eating, my workouts, how much water I am drinking and what types of foods am I eating.  I have also purchased a Pedometer that connects to MapMyWalk.  I chose to get one that I could sync to my phone and track my daily activity as such.  It shows me roughly where I am at and how I could do better.  I need that accountability.

Before Picture; 8/22 Weigh in
Before Pictures; 8/22 First Weigh in

I have started a week early as to slowly ease into a routine which will allow for me to have success.  Eating out less, drinking more water not sugary drinks/pop, making better food choices.  Past my initial weigh in, just simply to get me started, I am not weighing myself until Friday.   I don’t let the number control me.  It is a good measure though to help me know where I should be though!

8/22  4’8″  105.0 lbs   Weigh in….eeek!

Observations?  I eat way too many carbs and not the good kind.  I don’t eat enough vegetables.  I don’t eat enough protein in my daily in take for what my body needs.  I am not getting enough cardio workouts.  And most definitely not drinking enough water!  All of this is about to change as I embark on this fitness challenge.

Stay tuned!

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