and the costumes go marching by…

As October progresses, I have found myself thinking about Halloween costumes in my past. I’ve never been super excited about Halloween, but I do love dressing up, so, by default, I enjoy the holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing the neighborhood kids all dressed up and adorable as ladybugs, ninja turtles, and fairy princesses. I choose not to dwell on the creepy costumes.


Warm little princess

My mother made my costumes growing up and I paraded the streets as little red riding hood (genius, all you have to do is make a red cape with a hood!), a ballerina princess, squaw princess, and a medieval princess (notice a theme?). I can remember being surprised when I found out that people bought their costumes. No one else ever had the one that I did!

I wasn’t always on board with what was made for me though…the squaw princess one required me to wear either a coat or multiple long sleeve shirts and a turtle neck under it. I cried and cried that real Native Americans hadn’t worn such things with their clothes and that I wanted to be authentic (not in those words exactly, but you get my point). Mom won and I was warm. The medieval princess costume was completed by the tall cone shaped hat with tulle flowing from it. I hated that hat. I’m wearing it in the pictures, but I remember discarding it fairly quickly. The last costume that my mom made for me was a medieval maiden costume when I was in 8th grade. I felt beautiful in that gown. I also felt a little sheepish that I was still trick or treating with friends in 8th grade (when should you stop?), but I loved that dress.

I’ve come to realize that I want to make my own kids their costumes (when I have kids, someday, in the distant future!), and that I should probably take some sewing classes to get up to snuff on my skills! Currently, I can sew in straight lines. I’ve got quite a ways to go, and many more Halloween’s before it’s necessary. What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes while you were growing up?