What Speaks to You?

More often than not, if you ask people what speaks to them, they’ll say music, art, or films. Recently, I have been having a difficult time finding what speaks to me. Music has always been my go to; however, my music has become a bit clouded by memories of people. It’s funny when you share the things that speak to you with others, they then become these things that are no longer yours. So, what I’m going to try and do for the next few weeks is to work on finding what speaks to me. I don’t want to share these new things with anyone.


The guy that I had been dating for a few months told me once, “there are some things that need to be just yours; no one else gets to know them.” While we didn’t agree on a lot, I have to say that he’s right about this. It’s okay to have something in your life that you don’t share. It’s okay to have things that make you smile; you don’t need to tell everyone every detail. And having things that are ‘yours’ doesn’t make you selfish. What does more damage? Keeping some things to yourself or revealing everything to the wrong people? I’d encourage all of our readers to find just a few things that speak to them and them alone.

Happy searching!

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