Let’s Do Some Hair!

With the holiday season quickly approaching we are more pressed for time more than ever. Whether you are hosting or simply invited, this season provides several occasions for looking a little more sophisticated than usual.

Today’s Hair Tutorial is called the Twisted Chignon. This is something anyone can accomplish in a quick amount of time.  It’s chic and stylist.

Video: Hair Tutorial, Twisted Chignon

Tools and Product Selection:

Vent brush, comb, 1″ curling iron, at least three bobby pins and an elastic band.

Redken Velvet Gelatine (light flexible gel), Redken Iron Shape (heat protector), and Redken Wax Blast (light flexible hairspray).

Prep Work:
Begin with clean shampoo and condition hair. Upon towel drying hair, apply a dime size amount of Redken Velvet Gelatine in the palm of hand. Rub hands together so that the product is spread evenly in your palms. Apply to hair and proceed to dry it using a blow dryer. Spray Redken Iron Shape, or another heat protector product, in hair and proceeding to brush it through. Separate hair into three partings: – two side sections and one back section.

Redken Products

Upon separating hair, proceed to curl both side sections using your 1″ curling iron. When curling it, make sure to hold the curling iron parallel to the head. I chose to curl the sections toward the back of the head.

Once the side sections are completely curled, create a low bun, other wise known as a Chignon, at the base of your neck securing it with an elastic band. Allow the ends to hang out as that will be used later in this tutorial.

Sectioning Demo

Next, take a small section of hair from one side section. This section will be taken above the temple as seen in the Sectioning Demo picture.

Next to create a beautiful twist look, I have chosen to rope braid this section. Split section into a top and bottom parts. Twist both section counter clockwise. After that combine the two sections together twisting both sections (top section over bottom and repeat) clockwise. By doing so, it allows it to remain secure.

As you continue to twist the rope braid to the end, you will add in the remainder of the sections on that side as if it was a french braid. Adding smaller sections while twisting will keep the hair nice and neat. When at the end of that section, secure the ends in the elastic band holding your chignon. Leave ends out.

Repeat the rope braid on the remaining side section left untouched. Twist in the remainder of the hair just as the other side securing the ends with the same elastic band. If hair is abundantly thick, use additional elastics to ensure durability.

At this point, there will be three sections of ends. Use those ends to cover or hide the elastic bands used. Secure with bobby pins. Again, if hair is extremely thick, use more bobby pins to secure.

Using a fine tooth comb, smooth out any rough areas or frizz.  To create a loose slightly bohemian look, use fingers to gently lift hair and separate it out a bit. Use RedKen’s Wax blast to spray hair upon smoothing to finish the look. I use a lot of Wax Blast as it is light weight and holds well.  It doesn’t have a heavy feel about it.  Most of my clients are using this product in their daily hair regime.

If you liked this tutorial, or want to see more regarding anything mentioned, please visit my website catiemanninghair.com!