Weekly Wrap-up: November 2-8, 2014

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you’re weekend is off to a great start (mine is off to an early start, but I wouldn’t have it any other way).

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In case you missed anything, this week’s new posts are after the jump.

Let’s Do Some Hair!

Anchor Drop’s resident stylist Catie gave us an amazing tutorial for the elegant Twisted Chignon. According to Catie, it’s perfect for any upcoming holiday party, or to class up for a date!

Family Ties: Part 2

Ruth gives us a recap of how it’s been living with her in-laws the past eight months, plus an adorable peek at her daughter’s room and a DIY project.

Thankful Children

The season of Thanksgiving and family can too quickly turn into the season of entitlement and greed. Megan W. wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to her family and shows us some clever (and fun!) ways to make sure children know the real meaning of the season. Spoiler: fridge decorations are absolutely appropriate.

Community is Good for the Soul

Leave it to Erica to tug at our heartstrings (again, still). Moving frequently and being far from family can be tough, and finding a small group of close friends is so important. Read about her special Halloween weekend and what community means to her.

Being You

What do you think of social media? How do you think it’s impacting the way people communicate with one another – is it positive or negative? It’s a tough question for sure, and Adel puts everything into proper perspective.

Healthy Halloween Candy Corn
Smoothie Recipe

I love festive food, but I’m also a health nut. So while this smoothie is Halloween-themed, it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, protein and probiotics, so you can enjoy it any time!

Come back tomorrow for Erica’s crock pot chili recipe. I guarantee you’ll love it!

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