It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day. The one day dedicated on the calendar to this little thing called love. You may have heard of it once…or twice…No? I think this holiday gets a really bad rap and all people seem to remember is the over priced roses, wearing pink, hearts/cards galore and gushy-mushy (Christmas Vacation meter overload anyone?). You catch my drift? That doesn’t mean that is what it has to be about for you!

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Some of my nearest and dearest friends have traditions to where their fathers give them a pretty flower or a nice note on Valentine’s Day. Others, their significant others will bring home flowers and cook them dinner. And some of my darling single friends will have an Anti-Valentine’s Day celebrating love among friends. They don’t let being single get the best of them. Jimmy Fallon even created a segment for all singles this week #whyimsingle Seriously though, hop on Twitter and just search #whyimsingle…it will instantly make you laugh and feel better. Promise!

Well anyways, Team Anchor Drop asked our contributors to weigh in on their thoughts of Valentine’s Day. We got some great responses! Check them out below:

Erin T.
When I think of Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to spread cheesy sentiments amongst friends/co-workers with store-bought Valentines. Additionally, I have chosen the past couple of years to fill out Valentines cards for Lurie Children’s Hospital to send to patients to brighten their day!

Megan W.
My husband and I are celebrating our 8th Valentine’s Day together. Well not exactly together. He’s in Florida and I’m in California. This is actually our 3rd one apart, so it’s not new for us. It doesn’t exactly make for a romantic day. Turns out though after so many years together, we had the same idea. Dinner, chocolate, and inexpensive gifts (I would love a nice new water bottle, in case anyone is looking for ideas). Thankfully we are flexible and can adjust our plan to another night. Since he is gone I will be doing some fun and inexpensive things for our kids. Heart shaped pancakes (I’ll attempt it at least), making chocolate covered strawberries, and special cards for when daddy gets home.

I know many people say it’s a fake holiday, but I love the idea of celebrating the people you love a little extra on a special day. I show my husband and kids I love them everyday, but why not go out my day and do something a little special on Valentine’s. It’s a little extra fun and festivity without spending tons of cash.

Emily D.
Valentines Day is a sham! It’s a holiday that enables card companies and candy makers to guilt people into showing that they care. It’s not a real holiday! It’s manufactured capitalism at best. Well, you’d expect a single woman to say all these things. But what you might not expect is this single woman actually likes Valentine’s Day. However, I need to be clear here. I don’t like the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day.

Erica S.
I’m single, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make the most of Valentines. To me it is a day to embrace those who I have and love dearly. To assess where I’m not loving the best I can and where I am loving the best I can. So this Valentine’s Day, will you join me in loving those in your life the best you can? This doesn’t mean money, these means loving each person the best way you can.

Valentine’s Day is a time when you can perform acts of selflessness for the person you care about most. Instead of buying into the cards and flowers idea, why not offer to do the chores your partner hates the most? Or give them a day in which they can experience all of their favorite things? Offer to make the kids’ lunches in the morning. Prepare the coffee maker for your partner the night before their long morning commute. Arrange to do that thing or take that class that they’ve been dying to try. Selflessness goes a long way in a relationship and roses die within days. I can guarantee that if my significant other loaded up my coffee pot for me, that one-act would make my day. Forgo the roses this year and instead invest in your partner by giving selflessly.

As for me, this year, my loving boyfriend is in Georgia with business. The land of Far Far Away. Sigh. I have never really put significant emphasis on this day, so it really isn’t a big deal. I will be one of the girls out with my girlfriends celebrating together. Solidarity! Who doesn’t love the extra girl time anyways.

However you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day enjoy yourself and be safe. Spread the love! Treat others with kindness and in the words of James Brown get up offa that thing..’

Have a great Valentine’s Day!