Make-up: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I will be the first to tell you that I really enjoy women who wear make-up that enhances (not takes away!) from their already stunning features. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at make- up brands and artists on Instagram (such as @motivescosmetics and @_bylabella) but most of those looks are for show and not the average woman.

Make-up shouldn’t be a chore or something you should dread in the morning. A few good products and an easy routine can go a long way to making your beauty routine seamless and perhaps even enjoyable. Essentially, I am that girl who would rather sleep than primp. Ironic, don’t you think (let’s be honest, we could all use a little more sleep these days)? I have learned the few key shortcuts can fool anyone into thinking I spent hours on this beautiful face of mine. Want to know a secret? It really is simple!


Make-up: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Cleansing, Protect, and Moisturize

To begin and make things easy on yourself, look for the line that fits your skin type best. There are several product lines on the market now that will help you establish or find the right line for you. There are Independent Sales Reps with Mary Kay and Roden and Fields (the same group that created Proactive). There are so many make-up companies out there. I would like to impress on you to find the right one for you!

Honestly, I have had more luck talking to professionals than going through frustration of guessing what will work for you at the store. Don’t waste your time on the face wash you can find at convenience/ grocery stores. You will end up spending more time and money by going about it that way. Not to mention, probably increase in frustration too. Yes, it may sound really convenient, but these products are not the best for your skin.

The pH of natural and glowing skin is slightly acidic at 5.5 on the pH scale. A lot of the cheaper products can be way too acidic or alkaline for your skin causing it to break out or become oily (even though it may say it is for “oily skin”), dry your skin out causing hurt and creating imbalances resulting in blemishes. For more information on pH of skin, check out this article on The Key to the Perfect Skin.


In a typical every day skin care regimen, you need to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, protect, and moisturize. To minimize time, find a face wash with exfoliating qualities in it. This combines two steps and saves you time. Next, your pretty face needs protection. There has been so much research done on the positive affects of wearing day creams that have sunscreen in the formulas. Sun will enhance wrinkles and age marks so it is always a good idea to be more protective than not. I’d suggest an SPF 30.

For everyday office work that should be appropriate. Next, you need a light weight moisturizer. The moisturizer will seal that protection in while making your skin silky smooth.  I should add, if going into the sun, use additional protection of higher than SPF 30 to protect yourself from wrinkles and developing skin cancer.

2. Create a Canvas: Foundation 

Much like building a house, finding the perfect foundation will allow you to have a flawless complexion and be the basis for adding the remainder of our look. Without the foundation, everything else will crease, crumble, and not look as polished. We don’t want that. Foundation can be found in powders and liquid formulas. I have always had a problem finding the right shade as I am fair, but I have olive toned skin. I have used both powder and liquid foundations. At this point, I prefer liquid coverage better than powder.

I would start here How to find Your Perfect Foundation Match. Before you make a purchase though, I would physically check out the color first. That way you can be sure to have the perfect match for your skin tone. When applying the foundation, apply it over top of your moisturizer.


If you notice that you have streaks (mostly when using liquid brands) or are having trouble blending, you can take a dampened paper towel and smudge it out where needed.

3. Application: Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips

Pick which feature you want to spend a little extra time on whether that is your eyes, cheeks or lips. If you don’t already have the basics, here is what I would recommend purchasing to begin the quick and easy application.

Eyes: basic natural eye shadow palate and mascara. Tools: cue tips and eye shadow applicator. Optional, eye liner and additional color palate. Need help deciding on a palate? Finding the right eye color palate made simple!


Apply lightest color over the whole eye lid. Using the middle ground next darkest color highlight the crease of the eye lid. Apply this color from the middle of the eyelid following the crease of your eye (where it meets the bottom lid. Blend it in as not to see your line work.

Cheeks: blush and bronzer. Tool: larger soft brush. Optional, Contour & Highlighting. For more information on Contour & Highlighting, check out this easy how-to I found on Beautifille.


Using a make-up brush to apply a little bronzer over top of your foundation. You want to use it on places such as the hollow of your cheeks(make a fish face, part puckered in), around the hairline, right below the chin area as the bronzer is going to help create a depth to your face. Next take your brush and dust off residual bronzer. Then, use it to apply blush on the bottom side of the cheekbones to the round of the cheek. Don’t apply too heavy. A little goes a long way.

Lips: Dr. Dan Cortibalm and lip stick of choice. Optional, lip liner and gloss. For more information about accentuating your lips, check out this tutorial found on STYLECRAZE. Not sure that you have the best color of lipstick for your skin type, check this out.


Finish this look by applying Cortibalm. Once lips are coated, apply the lipstick color of your choice. Keep in mind if your lipstick is brighter, it will look more transparent almost as though your lips are tinted. It is quick and easy!

The key to quick application is in finding the right products for you and practice. Practice allows you to get comfortable with this process. Pretty soon you will be able to do this in your sleep! Or…while half asleep. I will let you decide.

I’d love some feedback. Did this post help you? Let us know!

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