Anchor Drop Chooses to Live Healthy

I don’t know about you, but summer seems to have come and gone and with the busyness there were plenty of bad habits acquired. We as a team at Anchor Drop have decided to shake some bad habits and pick up some healthier habits this fall and we are excited to share this journey with you. Some of us are making diet changes, while others are making changes in schedule, others are choosing to be more active, and others are choosing to make more time for themselves. Any combination can help each of us to be healthier and happier individuals.


Travel with us

One of our favorite things about the AD team is that we are all at very different periods in life, but we can all relate and do life together. We encourage you as we share our changes and journeys towards healthier lives for you to share your journeys with us.

Living healthier is something that is a daily decision. No one will be perfect every single day, and we all need cheat days. Some of us don’t need to work on our diet, but do need to work on our schedules. Others are doing really well at making time for themselves, but they aren’t being as active as they should to reap the health benefits.

So wherever you are, and whatever health changes you are choosing to strive for, we encourage you to journey with us.  We can all take steps to being healthier one day at a time as we chase out the end of 2015!