Make-up: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I will be the first to tell you that I really enjoy women who wear make-up that enhances (not takes away!) from their already stunning features. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at make- up brands and artists on Instagram (such as @motivescosmetics and @_bylabella) but most of those looks are for show and not the average woman.

Make-up shouldn’t be a chore or something you should dread in the morning. A few good products and an easy routine can go a long way to making your beauty routine seamless and perhaps even enjoyable. Essentially, I am that girl who would rather sleep than primp. Ironic, don’t you think (let’s be honest, we could all use a little more sleep these days)? I have learned the few key shortcuts can fool anyone into thinking I spent hours on this beautiful face of mine. Want to know a secret? It really is simple! Continue reading “Make-up: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3”

Girl’s Day: A bonding experience

This weekend I was asked to babysit my adorable niece Carolyn (we call her Caribou). She is going to be one in a few weeks. Since she was very small, her and I have always bonded. She is my little buddy. I always try to make the time we spend together special and unique. This past Saturday was no exception.

My sweet niece Caribou
My sweet niece Caribou

Caribou is a timid mover, but man can that little girl bounce and dance! I brought my mini speaker out into the kitchen and we turned on our favorite station thanks to Spotify: Meghan Trainor.   Dancing is always a necessity of a successful girl’s day. Bouncing, giggling, and baby gab…it was everything a dance party should be! If anyone could have been a fly on our wall, I am sure they would have deemed us crazy.

“Dancing is always a necessity of a successful girl’s day!”

Next, we decided we needed manicures. Correction, I suppose it was Aunt Catie that decided on manicures seeing as Caribou can’t talk yet…anyways! Continue reading “Girl’s Day: A bonding experience”

Beauty Gifts

There is nothing I love more than to come across a good gift for an amazing price! The holiday’s are expensive enough let alone trying to purchase the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Being in the Beauty Industry, I want to find items that are a little more personalized than the generic items that seem to plague the stores this time of year. I know that beauty items are in themselves so expensive, but here are a few gift ideas to help you out.

Continue reading “Beauty Gifts”

Let’s Do Some Hair!

With the holiday season quickly approaching we are more pressed for time more than ever. Whether you are hosting or simply invited, this season provides several occasions for looking a little more sophisticated than usual.

Today’s Hair Tutorial is called the Twisted Chignon. This is something anyone can accomplish in a quick amount of time.  It’s chic and stylist. Continue reading “Let’s Do Some Hair!”

My Inner Girly-Girl Has Emerged

So, I’m not your typical “girly girl.” THAT would be my sisters. I like to shop, but not with my sisters because they are like shopaholic crazy girls. They always make sure their hair is in place, their nails look pretty, they have great accessories etc etc. Even though I am the only sister with a child, it has always been this way. I would paint my nails here and there but I hated nail polish because I would always mess it up the same day I did my nails and would get head aches from the smells. But then one day, I discovered an alternative and I haven’t looked back.

About a month ago, Erica (none other than the Erica who started this blog), told me about a business opportunity. She is always on the look out for ways I can make money at home to help supplement my husband’s paycheck (isn’t she the bestest friend ever?), and said that this was something that I might be interested in. She normally wouldn’t suggest companies like this, but she personally knew a few people who were doing really well. I said, “TELL ME MORE.” I got in touch with one of her friends and signed up a few days later, even before I tried out the product! What is the company? JAMBERRY!

Jamwontchip1If you haven’t heard of it before, let me give you the low down. Jamberry Nail Wraps are a new and innovative way to avoid nail polish drying time, chipping and pricey visits to the salon. They are a DIY DREAM. They come in over 300+ designs, last up to 2 weeks on fingernails, 6 weeks on toenails and WILL NOT CHIP. They are a vinyl adhesive wrap that is heat activated and pressure sealed to the nail. They will NOT damage your nail when removed properly and are so much fun! You can use them over acrylics or gels or even nail polish Jammom&me(some wraps have a clear background with a design), making them very versatile! Jamberry also has a Jamberry Junior line that has wraps for girls up to age 8 (Can I get an “Amen” from the mommas?). Pretty much the best idea since sliced bread. When I heard about them I was hooked immediately.  And they always have the buy 3, get 1 free sale going too!Jamb3g1blacks

From the company side of things, Jamberry is just as awesome! I have only been at it for a month and have already seen the amazing support from Home Office as well as the camaraderie among the consultants. Everyone super helpful and wants to help the newbies get going. The commission and bonus plan is also awesome! Much better than other direct sales companies I have looked into before, for sure! If you want to see where the company started and a little more about what goes on behind the scenes, definitely check out this video:



JammintgoldstripevintagechicduoThese are my current nails, mint green with gold stripe paired with vintage chic. I love it! Not too flashy but also very unique! Jamberry has only been around since 2010, and a direct sales company since 2012, so a lot of people still don’t know about the company so I get a lot of comments wherever I go!

Want to find some designs for yourself? Head over to to browse the 300+ designs! But be warned, they can be addicting! Also, we are phasing out over half of our designs on August 31st to get ready for the new designs arriving Sept 1, so be sure to look at the GOING GOING GONE section too! One more thing before I go, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY! For each action you complete, you will get one entry into the drawing but if you place an order you will get 5 entries! On Sept 1st I will draw a winner who will receive a half sheet of nail wraps! Thanks for reading!

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your nails/getting them done etc? Too pricey at the salons? Polish too messy? Tell us in the comments below!

**Congrats to Amy Huffmaster for winning the half sheet of nail wraps!!! Thank you to everyone who participated!!! :)*** 

A Make-up Art Creation

Every day I try to find something that really gets my mind going; not that coffee doesn’t help greatly, but sometimes it takes a really amazing little find to get me excited.

This morning I came across a make-up artist to which I thought was interesting to say the least! Her name is Veronica Azaryan. Her use of texture, color and contrast is something to be noted. Clearly this is extremely Avant-garde, but it has some values that one could apply to your everyday make-up pallet. Continue reading “A Make-up Art Creation”

Spring 2014: Style Trends

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were shown on January 18th, 2014.  There were many interesting finds and trends seen that will help propel our everyday fashions working our way into the new year. This could be applied toward casual and professional wear.

The red carpet showcased several of the attendees as well as gave you a chance to see their personality shine through.  I think this event can be a little more relaxing for a lot of the attendees as they are among their peers.  This year, many of the actress’s gowns and outfits were in the jewel tones.  Many dresses were fitted to the figure of the actress giving her a very smooth profile.  I saw a lot of decorative necklines and off the shoulder designed dresses.  Many of the dresses had some bling either with sequins or eye catching bead work.  Everyone’s look was very classic in design and there was a nice variety.
If you are looking for a way to refresh your wardrobe or get a jump start into spring trends, try any of  the following:
1. Black and White + color
If your wardrobe consists of black and white, try pairing your outfit with a splash of color.  
“Tinley Road Pleated Print Top”
A black and white top pairs well with black trousers or dark skinny jeans. This season Chevrons, stripes and textured textiles are in style.  Through the chilly months try a jewel tone sweater of your choice to help break apart the ensemble.  If trying to wear for professional  attire, dress it up with a deep red blazer top.
Merona® Women’s Peter Pan Studded Collar
2. Flowing Pastels, Mint and Shades of Grey
This Spring has beautiful pastels in store.  Not just your ordinary hum-drum pastels however.  Many designers are stepping away from the bold loud prints and walking toward a more traditional approach to spring time as we enter into late March early April.  According to’s “Women’s Spring 2014” Color Report, which came out this past September, we saw the colors were going to transition into a beautiful palate.  
Try pairing a nice mint blouse with lighter grey dress pants or a knee length pencil skirt.  If you don’t feel comfortable in a skirt, you can always go with a nice trouser.
LC Lauren Conrad Lace Top
212 Collection Printed Pencil Skirt
3. Shoes: Back to the basics
This season as far as professional or casual wear goes with flats, wedged tennis shoes, booties and classic pumps can be seen.  It seems to be a perfect mesh of comfort and necessity.  Basic “goes with anything colors” such as black and beige seems to dominate.  Also seen patterned zebra and leopard out this season.  I have seen a lot of studding coming back as well.  I am not talking Bedazzled by any means.  These are more organic looking rather than bling.
Ladies Shoes
Trends Spring 2014
4. Bright Accessories
Pastels with a punch seems to be a current trend.  Not so much all about the Easter Egg colors, but more along the lines of colors that spruce up the basics–not falling into the background.  If you keep your outfit neutral, this is a great way to shake your look up a bit.  
Steven by Steve Madden
Whether you are trying to jazz up your look, make the right impression, or just update your professional attire any of the following tips or suggestions could help.  Don’t be afraid to take a little risk in your wardrobe.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  

“Beauty knows no limits…” (remember?)
Catie Manning

Health Awareness: Nails, Hair, and Skin Issues

This week’s post have been about Health Awareness.  The key to good health consists of eating properly, exercising and getting the proper rest.  Your body will look and feel better when you are taking care of it.  Now sometimes, we could be doing all of the above and our body will start to change in subtle ways.

When you go to the doctor, the first thing they are going to look at is your physical body.  This is one way to assess whether something bigger is going on in your internal body.  When you look at your nails, hair and physical body on a daily basis in terms of whole picture, you might not notice subtle changes which is your body’s response to fighting a disease or sickness.

If you go to a Nail Tech or your Hair Stylist they should regularly analyze your nails and hair.  They are looking to make sure that everything looks good and healthy.  The same idea goes hand in hand with your Skin Care Specialist.  They could be minor or major changes yet, any change is worth looking into further.

If your nails look like any of this slide show as shown via the Mayo Clinic, please go see a doctor immediately.  If you experience any yellowing, blackened portion or discoloration of your nail, could be a sign of fungus to which is highly contagious and can only be treated properly by a professional.  Fungus cannot be “cured” by a topical cream or spray to which you can find at the store.  That is an assumption as it will only bandaid the problem.

As a hairstylist, it is part of our job to get the “low-down” on you!  During a consultation, we may ask you what medications you are on, if you have any health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes, what your daily routine consists of, what products you use, what your hair does on a daily basis, if your hair is usually oily or dry…etc.  All of these questions have a greater purpose and allow us to keep an eye on you better!  Medication is a big factor that will cause a change in hair, yet it is not always the problem.

If hair is a person’s hair is thinning and they are shedding an over abundance of hair frequently can be signs of malnutrition.  It can also be signs that an illness might be present.  They also might simply be genetics.  If your hair is overly dry despite the proper hair treatments, your scalp starts developing irritations or crusty patches, or your developing hair loss in a patchy sort of fashion all are indicators that something bigger is happening.  They can indicate hypothyroidism, psoriasis, or maybe you have a condition called alopecia.  All are problems worth seeing a doctor or dermatologist about to be safe.

In the same way we have discussed nail and hair changes, our skin’s condition can tell us so much about our body’s health.  According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, skin can show first signs of some internal diseases.  (–) Rashes, unusual dry patches or growths all should be looked at carefully by a professional.  If you notice anything unusual, it is never a bad idea to seek professional’s opinion on the affected area.

Drawing awareness to your nails, hair and skin can be the easiest way for keeping good health and preventing illness.  The rule of thumb that I tell my clients is that if you are uneasy about something you find on your nail, skin, or scalp and hair, go have it looked at by a professional and doctor.  It is not crazy to do so and it shows you are taking an initiative with your health and keeping your body protected.  We need to take care of our bodies the best we can as we are only given one!

Catie Manning
The Hairstylist

Just because you don’t have hair…

Gold is such a royal and beautiful color.  It just so happens to be the color associated with pediatric cancer.  Cancer is a disease that steals.  It takes without mercy and when an adult is diagnosed it is bad; but it is horrific when a child is diagnosed with such a disease.  Children have such a beautiful innocence about them and even thinking of what is against those who are diagnosed makes me ill.  Children should never have to deal and cope with something so heavy, yet the unfortunate reality is that this is apart of our lives and cancer isn’t going away anytime soon.

Today, I want to offer some fashionable assistance and resources in helping children dealing with feeling better about their appearance through their diagnosis, treatment, and helping keep their esteem up through the recovery of this disease.

As found on Pinterest

Just because you don’t have hair, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful!

Believe it or not our hair is just an accessory to our over all appearance.  It doesn’t own us or define us.  It enhances our over all appearance but it doesn’t make us who we are.  When going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments it is not uncommon for a patient’s hair to disappear.  Then after treatment, it could grow in very different then before!  That is hard to imagine.  It can be embarrassing for a child to lose their hair, but there are ways to help ease the pain of this.

Locks of Love:
This Florida based organization provides hairpieces to under privileged children in need.  This organization is extremely popular and I know of several individuals who have donated their mane to them.  You are able to nominate a child or alert them of someone that might be a good fit.  Check them out at

Wigs for Kids:
This Ohio based organization provides information, consultations, and wigs for kids dealing with hair loss of all kinds.  Specific for children’s needs.  Finding a good wig will help boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence. (Great resource to find wigs of all kinds based on a needs basis)

Headcovers Unlimited:
I was extremely impressed with how this company started.  Under the “Our Story” tab on the website, you too can read it.  Really awesome start to helping others feel better through the hair loss.  They have a wide variety of offerings that a child dealing with cancer might find just perfect to cover their heads.

Fashion Scarves and Hats:
At Claire’s boutique, you can find several hats and head wraps to which would be appropriate for a young girl without hair to accessorize with.  They are brightly colored, fashionable, and I think could really help a young lady shine.

This site also had some reasonable and adorably fashionable choices to choose from as far as hats and head wraps go.  I also like this as they have also included some hat choices for boys as well.

Finding the right wig or covering can be a trying and exhausting task.  It is important that you go to a wig specialist in finding the perfect shape and style to fit the face.  A wig specialist is also going to help you find the best fit for the head in need.  Wigs can be fun to play with in addition to finding something that looks as the child’s prior to hair.  The better the fit, the better the child is comfortable in the wig or head covering the better over all they will feel about them wearing it.  That will have a direct and positive affect on your child’s self-esteem.

 Good luck most of all to the children who have cancer.  Those innocent children who are faced with fighting for their lives.  You are not only an inspiration to the cross you bear with such strength, but you truly are amazing.  Keep fighting, praying and never lose hope. We support you.  We love you.

–Catie Manning

Just because you are a nurse…

Today’s post is dedicated to the nursing crew today!  Although this post is applicable for anyone.  I have had a few nursing friends that were specifically asking me about hair styles that they could try to shake it up when they are working.  They were tired of the same old drab ponytail.

Usually when you are working, you typically want your hair to stay out of your face.  It needs to be low maintenance and easy to do or else you aren’t going to want to do it.  It needs to be pulled back and last for hours at a time.  Typical shifts for my nursing friends could be anywhere from 8 to 12 hour stints with limited breaks.  Clearly, the last thing they need to worry about or should be worrying about is their hair.

1. Ponytail with hair wrap
This is so very simple.  Pull your hair into a ponytail.  It is your preference of whether you want this to be a low ponytail or if you want it up a little higher.  I would recommend using a thicker elastic band even if your hair is fine and thin it will make a huge difference in stability.

Then take a section of hair (as seen below) and you will wrap it around the elastic band as a covering around it.  When you get to about an inch or so of hair left reach under and tuck the end of the hair through securing it.  You will still have a little bit of hair left, you can tuck it in the lower part of the ponytail where it magically disappears.

2. Braids
French braids are great for keeping your hair back and out of your face.  There are many variations to which all ages can wear.  You can secure your hair in a ponytail first, then braid the remainder of the hair.  Secure with a secondary elastic band.

Another variation which is really fun is creating a braid across the front of your hairline as seen below.  If you need your hair more so away from your face, pulling it into a low ponytail is always a good option.

Or you could always do two french braids:

3. Buns

Here is a bun with the front braid idea:
Now, you can also wear a stylish traditional bun.  If you are worried about having enough hair to do this style that is no problem.  There is also a lot of variety seen with wearing buns.  You can wear a high bun, low bun, messy bun…the possibilities are truly endless.  
If you have long hair, you can buy this beautiful little tool called a hair donut.  Here is how it works!  This is so easy to use and makes your bun look flawless every time.

4. Shorter Hair
If your hair is not long enough to try any of the above, sometimes it is just easier to invest in some cute headbands.  I have found some that don’t squeeze my head and are very chic.  They hold my bangs back without fail and allow me a little bit of flair. 

All in all, there are ways to look and feel good at work without spending a ton of time on it.  A little effort goes a long way!  These are just a few suggestions but you know it could be infinity and beyond…
Beauty knows no limits….
Catie Manning