The Bump that Just Keeps Growing

Babies are being born just about every other week around here and it’s been going on for the last two months. It reminds me of when everyone around me was getting engaged or married; just a weird stage to be residing. I say that, and yet I’m due in two weeks! Ha! You catch my drift though, right? It’s just interesting when you realize it. If you’re sick of hearing about babies, then maybe you should just wait until tomorrow’s post “Today is BABY day!”

I have to say, I have been pretty fortunate as my pregnancies thus far have been very easy compared to some. The most “morning sickness” I get is a bit of nausea, but no puking (praise the Lord!). My biggest complaint is the heart burn from not eating, eating too much, eating spicy or carb-loaded foods, etc. Yes, I have had back pain this time around, but I have also gained more weight than I did with my first. At first, I couldn’t see how since this time around I am getting better sleep (not working night shift at the hospital and flipping back and forth between night and day) and I am eating better, but then I realized yesterday how when I was working, I wasn’t snacking all day long. These days if there is food on the counter, I will most likely eat it. It might not be at 10am when I first think about it, but by the time 3pm comes around I just have to have it. Ah well, I’ll be fine, yes? I hate to think that way, but it’s not like I am about to go start a diet while pregnant. Next pregnancy, I will just have to watch what I eat a little more closely (and keep sweets and baked goods off the kitchen counters).


One big change this time around is that I have a very active two year old who I have the privilege of chasing around no matter how I’m feeling. Up until probably last week, I was able to keep up pretty easily, but exhaustion has begun to set in. The belly is big, and mommy is starting to feel the strain. I am really hoping this baby doesn’t hold out to make his/her appearance until 41 weeks like baby #1 did. Being pregnant with baby number two definitely has made me aware of how important my time is with baby number one. Soon I will have my attention split between two kids and will be sleep deprived all over again so baby number one will most likely not see a very patient mommy for a few months. Continue reading “The Bump that Just Keeps Growing”

What Speaks to You?

More often than not, if you ask people what speaks to them, they’ll say music, art, or films. Recently, I have been having a difficult time finding what speaks to me. Music has always been my go to; however, my music has become a bit clouded by memories of people. It’s funny when you share the things that speak to you with others, they then become these things that are no longer yours. So, what I’m going to try and do for the next few weeks is to work on finding what speaks to me. I don’t want to share these new things with anyone.


The guy that I had been dating for a few months told me once, “there are some things that need to be just yours; no one else gets to know them.” While we didn’t agree on a lot, I have to say that he’s right about this. It’s okay to have something in your life that you don’t share. It’s okay to have things that make you smile; you don’t need to tell everyone every detail. And having things that are ‘yours’ doesn’t make you selfish. What does more damage? Keeping some things to yourself or revealing everything to the wrong people? I’d encourage all of our readers to find just a few things that speak to them and them alone.

Happy searching!