Why Inspiration Matters

Essentially the reason for the post is a lot of friends are frustrated in their current jobs. It’s like they have totally lost sight as to how or why they are where they are. The vision gets cloudy. Then they say…jumping ship to new job! But when I feel that way I have to begin looking for the inspiration that surrounds me. Sometimes it’s grim and other times it’s plenty and I’m just being dumb. I want to encourage others to see inspiration where they reside…I want to scream, “open your eyes! It’s there!” Before they say, “I’m out!”

There’s a reason you’re at where you are at. But don’t just give up so easily, you know? I think people get into a job and they say if this job isn’t what I want, well I can do better. Sometimes you do need new employment, but I think a lot of times it’s us missing open opportunities. I once knew a guy that worked with me at X-games. He was a higher up…but guess what? He started as a janitor! If he had said, “ahh screw this” he would have never been where he is now! (sigh) Hang in there!


So I suppose that is really what I’m trying to say is Inspiration helps move the “I’m stuck” notion. It keeps the momentum moving slowly until the momentum starts to pick up again.

I’ve been there too…

“I am Catie Manning and I am going to be a Marketing Guru and a Hair Stylist. I am going to be a motivator and cheerleader!”

When I realized I was under appreciating my job roles – that a lack of acknowledgment of their lessons and values was holding me back – my perspective began to shift. I had to “take myself out of it” for a minute to “get it.” Does that make sense? I needed to remove myself from my situation and look at it critically to see that I was the one causing my pain. When I started assessing what I needed to feel satisfied in a career, I saw one missing piece. It was a big piece – one that led to my lack of fulfillment. Here it is: I was in a creative role without actually being creative in any way! How is that possible? A creative without a canvas is like a chef without food – it simply cannot be. That is what sparked a new take on inspiration. I learned why inspiration matters.


I have to be thankful for experience in cosmetology school and the lessons I learned there. I worked with clients on a daily basis, drudging along doing the same ole task (sort of…) – it can be really hard for someone who wants to be the go-to girl! It was the clients who gave me the inspiration to want to achieve more. The clients who show up regularly with their fires and rush requests – there insistent energy. The clients that kept me employed and keep a roof over my head. They inspired me be the best I could be and never to give up. I am forever thankful for that inspiration, as it has become the momentum behind my professional drive.

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the classiest women in the entertainment business today. I heard that she finds inspiration in her fans. Recently, she noticed that one follower in particular, whom she usually finds very inspiring, was not doing well. She was down about her unpaid student loans so Taylor responded in a big way:”she painted her a picture, sent her some gifts, and shocked her with a check for $1,989 (the title of her album, how clever!) for her student loans. In general, she supported her. You see? Inspiration matters.

Inspiration and creating inspiration for others matters!  It affects how you view your job. It affects how you interact with your customers and clients. Inspiration is what gives you a  jump-start and builds momentum when it seems to be moving slowly.

When our career comes to a slow part, when we question every ounce of why we originally chose the direction we did, when we feel puny and small and that we simply Do. Not. Matter. That is when we must open our eyes, dig deep and find the inspiration to keep going. Keep pushing and driving for success. You can do it, I know you can!

Friday is Meant for Music…

There is nothing better than going on a nice summer ride with the windows down.  The wind is blowing in your face with the music in the background blaring loudly.  It is such a glorious free feeling when the sun is out and you just can’t help, but get your groove on!


So today I may or may not have been caught singing in my car.  I politely smiled back at the awkward gentleman in the car beside me (what, you have never seen a girl who thinks she was a rockstar?  psh)  and continued with my jam….as you all should know Friday is meant for music.  I have a soundtrack with eclectic and some meaningful music you all should check out.

1. Nightmare and the Cat-Blackbird Smile This fun little tune has a  good beat in the back beat.  It pumps me up.  This Neon Trees like band has a lot of variety of songs along the same lines and this song just makes me want to dance with my arm in the air.  Fist bump, oh yeah!

2. Jukebox the Ghost-Somebody My brother introduced me to Jukebox the Ghost.  They are a phenomenal Ben Folds Five-ish band that totally speaks to me.  I love the pop chords on the piano and the upbeat rhythm makes me feel alive with movement!  It is so hopeful and it speaks so much being a single…when is it going to be my turn?  No….but seriously!  Plus, I secretly want to be one of the dancers in the video…Charlie Brown anyone?

3. Spoon- The Underdog The song is a great reminder that you should never discredit anyone, especially the underdog!  They have to work the hardest to get to where they want to be.  If you are cocky, on top of the world, or are complacent with where you are living…WELL my friend you will not survive in this ever evolving world.  You have to be able to reinvent yourself from time to time.

4. Robyn & Royksopp-Do It Again  This is a good dance song.  Get your glow sticks ready…the repetitive lyrics and rhythm are catchy.   Perfect song to get you revved  up for a night out with the girls or any sort of dance party you may want to have!  Go ahead…listen to it and see what you think!

5. Something Corporate-Punk Rock Princess  This little throwback became my inspiration.  I am not sure why I love this song except when it was released I was in high school.  It brings back some pretty fond memories.  It was my AIM screen name back in the 90’s.  WHOA flashback!   Whenever I am ready to stroll down memory lane, Something Corporate is one of my many goto’s.

Whatever songs are on your soundtrack, choose to jam and have fun listening!  If you want to sing….then, sing!  If you want to dance…then dance!  These are the songs that inspire us.  These are the songs to which we are motivated and can relate.   Whatever music you choose,  don’t be afraid to get caught singing/dancing!  The other person’s reaction is priceless!

A Make-up Art Creation

Every day I try to find something that really gets my mind going; not that coffee doesn’t help greatly, but sometimes it takes a really amazing little find to get me excited.

This morning I came across a make-up artist to which I thought was interesting to say the least! Her name is Veronica Azaryan. Her use of texture, color and contrast is something to be noted. Clearly this is extremely Avant-garde, but it has some values that one could apply to your everyday make-up pallet. Continue reading “A Make-up Art Creation”

What Inspires You?


There is that word again…

I have been trying to spice my life up a bit.  Not that it isn’t diverse and crazy-good already, but it is important to me never to live a day where I don’t seek inspiration.  Inspiration helps keep the perception and mind clear.  It continues to allow the creative juices flow freely.  There is so much that surrounds us to which is good and can take a rough start into a smooth sailing sailing remainder of the day.

Here are a few of my latest inspirations: Continue reading “What Inspires You?”

What the man selling cotton candy has taught me


I don’t remember when the first time it was that I noticed this man, but since then I can tell you I always look for him. He is the man standing at the corner of Western and W. Peterson selling cotton candy. What struck me most and what still strikes me is this man’s dedication and perseverance to sell just even one cotton candy. No matter what the weather or how many times he hears no, he keeps going. He makes the same loop with his tall heavy poll of cotton candy and works honestly to make a living.

I don’t know much about this many except the fact that he always makes himself look put together. I also know that despite the fact that he has no teeth, he smiles at you with a big smile.  I know that he doesn’t speak much English, but he attempts to communicate with you still. And I know that he is dedicated and focused.

Through my brief 1-2 minute observations of this man I have been convicted. This man makes so much less than me, but he does his job with such a perseverance that challenges me. I love my job, but there are days that I lose steam. I am convicted of the fact that this man works hard every day just to bring a small sum of money home.

As the holiday season approaches I wonder how I can help others who aren’t as fortunate as me. But I also wonder how I can do this more than just during the holiday season. How do you help others? What is your way of giving to others?

I’ve also been thinking how can I put forth the type of work ethic that I should be every day? How can I go forward with a positive attitude and gracious spirit? How can I smile?

I know one thing that I can change is this. I can smile more at those around me. I can smile at the man on the street. I can smile at each and every individual I come in contact with and I can encourage. Even when I cannot provide money or material things I know that like this man selling cotton candy I can smile and put forth 100% of an effort at the things I can do for others.

Who can you smile at today?

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