Being Called Home

This week has been an incredibly long one. I don’t know exactly what it is about getting older which makes things always a little more sentimental. We get a little more serious. We realize the things that were important in our youth, aren’t really AS important on the grand scheme of life. On Wednesday, I caught myself saying “Is tomorrow only Thursday?” and Thursday came and I wished so much I could take back those words.

We are drawn to certain people in our lives that touch our hearts in such a way as to never quite fully know the impact they have until it is too late. It was no accident I wound up at Indiana University and was a cheerleader there. It was no mistake either. I was so blessed to have met some awesome life long friends and people who you hope never to lose track of on your continuing journey. Regardless of whether these individuals were past or present of this family program, they will always be there to support and love on you. Todd was one of those individuals. On Thursday morning, I found out that Todd lost his fight with his second bout of cancer. Todd’s first bout was while cheering at IU. He was 21 years old and having to bravely fight for his life then. He tackled that battle that nearly killed him right then and there and that is when everything became so much more important.


Here was a soul that was so encouraging. He always wore a smile on his face and always remained positive even when faced with an uphill battle. He was the one that was always your advocate. Todd was a man of God. I know through both of his battles, his faith never wavered. His example of compassion and kindness are exemplary. All I could do is sob in heartbroken disbelief that this man was now called home. I am happy that he is no longer suffering, and yet at the same moment I realized the impact this very man had on my heart and soul.

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Dear Friday, You need a Time-Out!

Already yet this morning, Friday has had characteristics of Monday….I think it is time we had some words!

Dear Friday,
You are not Monday.  I would sincerely ask you to get your act together and provide me with some positive today, not these negative shenanigans you keep allowing to happen.

It was not nice to find my Betsy Johnson’s cool sunglasses broken in my car’s holder this morning.  I know they were only $8, but what did they ever do to you? Why did you have to go so far as popping the lens out?  Cruel…just simply cruel. (photo courtesy of Catie)

Why then, did you allow my hot tea with milk to be spilled, not just once but TWICE!  (mental note: must learn NOT to pick up disposable coffee container by lid) I must say that was pretty epic that second round. I am sure you felt that my dry wonderful seat cushion  was in need of a bath of some kind, but not with dairy please!  Uncalled for… 

We don’t have to be enemies today.  Leave that for Monday.  I still like you in all, but you need a time-out!


Ever just have one of those days?  Today is that for me.  At least I am laughing!  No need to get bent out of shape at all.  Lately, everything has been about perspective.  I have had a few friends who are really struggling and it is unfair of me to complain about my molehill when their situation is a mountain.

When your day isn’t just going perfect, just remember things could always be worse.  Yes, today has not been ideal by any stretch of the imagination.  No life or death problems here.  Therefore, I am choosing to get over it.

What do you do when you are having a bad day?  How do you get over it?  We would love to hear about it!

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