From grouch to grateful – a nurse’s attitude adjustment

I woke up this morning feel defeated. The last few weeks things have been a bit rough. On top of that, I woke up at 4:30 for no reason and couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up eventually, got ready for work, and went there frustrated and grouchy. If I was being completely honest, I wanted to crawl into a hole and not talk to people. We all know those days, right?

Grateful Heart

Before I even got to work it was clear that things were not going as planned for the day.  Commence tiny violins playing in my head and the desire to crawl into a hole growing even bigger. Throughout the day I’m holding back sassy and sarcastic comments and trying to adjust my attitude.

In the middle of the day I was doing a dressing change on one of my young adult patients. This patient is younger than me and has had an extremely rough year. We’re talking about a lot of different things and out of no where she dives into a short spiel that went something like this…. “Erica just in case you’re wondering you make a difference in people’s lives every day, don’t every doubt that. You’re one of my angels.”

With tears in my eyes I told her thank you and that some days I do wonder. Some days I wonder if everything I’m doing really does matter. And some days, even though I know and witness plenty of people who have it far worse than me, I wonder why some things happen to me. And one of those some days was today.

So as I reflect on this Thanksgiving week, I’m reminded of one main thing, patients may claim I’m their angel, but in so many cases, these patients (and their loved ones) are my angels. Thanksgiving this year just got a whole lost sweeter.


Full of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope each and every single one of you have a very blessed day full of family time, turkey and other goodies too.

Here at Anchor Drop, we wanted to share a bit about what we are thankful for…

Easy Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your house, especially when the holidays roll around. Every year since I’ve have been married, I have wanted to decorate for every holiday, but mainly Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m ashamed to say I’ve utterly failed in that department. Until last year, that is.

This year is my first “stay at home mommy” holiday season and I’m so excited! If only you could see inside my head – it’s filled with ideas for pretty much every area in my life (or room in the house that is) and I know I will never have the time or money to make my imagination a reality. A girl can dream, right?


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DIY Table Settings: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

We have all seen place cards set out on elaborately decorated tables..Are they only for weddings? I think not! Not only do place cards direct guests to their seats, but have the ability (when done correctly) to dress up a table and encourage conversation. What better time to do that, but at holiday gatherings?

Table Dressage

Traditionally, Thanksgiving tables consist of heaping bowls of potatoes, cranberries, pies and, of course, a giant golden turkey. There is something to be said about elevating the experience for guests beyond just the intake of scrumptious dishes. For the past few years, I have been mildly obsessed with creating unique place cards for the Thanksgiving table. The first year, paint card samples, buttons, and flourishing handwriting were utilized. Another year, I made mini pumpkin pies (think Quiche size) and toothpick flags with names printed on them.

This year's place card setting.
Mason jar place settings are perfect for dressing up a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

This year, we have a larger table to set, and we will have little ones with us as well. My vision included wanting a vintage/rustic theme. Thanks to 50 percent off mason jar shot glasses and some mason jar packaged moonshine, my vision came together quite nicely. I’m quite pleased with the direction the place cards will take our Thanksgiving. Please note, the “little ones” mentioned above will be receiving place cards tied on Frozen and Minnie Mouse lip glosses – it’s important to cater these place cards to your audience, after all!

Conversational Atmosphere

The moonshine filled mason jars will no doubt be a visual focal piece on the table. They will,  at the very least, encourage conversation, as their contents is surely a surprise. With place cards, there is the unique opportunity to invite individuals to sit next to one another that might not have naturally gravitated towards each other. This can make or break conversation. My advice would be to place people near one another that may have similar interests or are good at striking up and maintaining conversation with others.

Place cards do not need to be dull and stuffy; dressing a table is an opportunity to let creativity flow and to serve as support to a greater experience through the atmosphere for your guests!

How do you dress up your table for holidays?

In Search of the Little Things

Thankgiving: a time to remember everything that we are thankful for. This holiday comes every year, along with all the great food and fellowship of those we love. As much as I love the idea of Thankgiving, I can’t help but think about how we should be thankful all year round. Last year I was given the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Anne Voskamp and while I have not yet finished it, I have already learned a lot about the art of being grateful.

If you haven’t read the book, definitely pick up a copy! The main theme of the book is how Anne tries to come up with 1000 things that she is thankful for every day (I think it’s every day….I wasn’t very clear on that). I have found that, although I have not gotten very far into the book yet, I have already been able to incorporate a lot of her points into my daily life. While at work I find myself counting to try to get me through the day.

  • Running at work to try to keep up with appointments….thankful for a healthy body to keep up with the schedule.
  • Angry donors who blame me for not letting them donate to earn money for their baby’s diapers….thankful for a job for both myself and my husband.
  • Coworkers talking about their life struggles; lack of direction, hopelessness...thankful for the hope I have in Jesus Christ.
  • Hunger pains when breaks get missed.thankful for food in the breakroom for when I catch a minute.
  • Cold winter morningsthankful for a warm coat and gloves.
  • Unhappy about leaving my daughter with someone else on days I work….thankful for a Godly babysitter who cares for my child as if she were her own. 
  • Trying to remember my long “to do” list that is waiting for me when I get home from work…thankful for a place to call home with a loving husband and joyful baby girl.

Focusing on what I am grateful for totally changes my outlook on life. As much as I like to think that I am a positive person, I definitely complain a lot, but I want to change that about myself. I don’t want to be known as the grumbler, negative, complaining woman and mother. I want to be know as someone full of life; always searching for some way to uplift another, thanking the Lord for His blessings, finding a way to enjoy life to its fullest. 

God gave us a whole world to be enjoyed, why not enjoy every part of it? From the small blades of grass to the tiniest dew drop in the cool mist of the morning. I challenge you to search for the little things in life to thank God for; lead a life of joy as you thank God for the things around you. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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