It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day. The one day dedicated on the calendar to this little thing called love. You may have heard of it once…or twice…No? I think this holiday gets a really bad rap and all people seem to remember is the over priced roses, wearing pink, hearts/cards galore and gushy-mushy (Christmas Vacation meter overload anyone?). You catch my drift? That doesn’t mean that is what it has to be about for you!

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Some of my nearest and dearest friends have traditions to where their fathers give them a pretty flower or a nice note on Valentine’s Day. Others, their significant others will bring home flowers and cook them dinner. And some of my darling single friends will have an Anti-Valentine’s Day celebrating love among friends. They don’t let being single get the best of them. Jimmy Fallon even created a segment for all singles this week #whyimsingle Seriously though, hop on Twitter and just search #whyimsingle…it will instantly make you laugh and feel better. Promise! Continue reading “It’s Valentine’s Day!”

Hearts, Pink and Roses

Give me a reason to celebrate – and I will! Growing up, it was common for any holiday to serve as an excuse to wear themed shorts(actually boxers)/shirts/face paint/hair bows/tights. Some of those juvenile celebratory tendencies have carried over into adulthood for me and I fear I should have been and El-Ed major, so that I could get away with the expressive clothing choices. 

I have resigned myself to wearing colors that are representative of the holiday as a compromise for my attire choices. The irony is not lost on me that I am a single female who loves Valentine’s Day (actually any holiday, but since we’re talking about V-day, let’s focus on that!). Culturally speaking, Valentine’s Day is all about spending a romantic time with a significant other. I don’t contest that sentiment that many share. However, even if I were in a relationship, I would not appreciate roses (overpriced on this day), chocolate in a heart-shaped box (sub par mass production), or teddy bears (I’m not 5). I dated a guy who bought champagne glasses with hearts on them and I wanted to gag. That part of the holiday I have never liked as it seems manufactured and insincere (even though many want it to communicate sincerity). Therefore, what is a single girl to do on this day?

The same thing she does every day – but dressed in more pink/red than usual. That’s all. I have never felt the need to “celebrate singleness” with girlfriends on this day, nor do I have children that need to learn about holidays and therefore do not need to decorate my house with hearts and cupids. Let’s be honest. I’ll probably pick up some cheesy valentines to pass out at work because I am a cheesy, celebratory woman who thinks that’s funny. I am not however, a woman who will be upset about my singleness because a day is dedicated to those who are attached. The day doesn’t apply to me in that way, and that’s ok.  


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It’s Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the day where everyone thinks of conversation hearts, flowers, chocolates, hot dates and romantic sentiments.  I mean, even my Pandora has added stations to set the mood….

Pandora’s email to me this morning…
So, tonight is a special night.  Are you going out?  Staying in?  Today, I am going to give you some small, but festive ways to sport Valentine’s Day whether you decide to get dolled up or stay in your pajamas.

Roses are red…
I love roses as most girls do.  So why not incorporate them into a hair style!  You don’t have to do something outrageous to look chic.  These are just felt rosettes on a clip.
I found this on
Violets are blue….
Right now, pastel eye color palettes are all the rage!  MAC and Cover Girl have their pastel shades out just in time for spring.  If you are wanting a little more dynamic make-up this evening, consider using violet eye shadow to accent your eyes.  A little can have a brilliant affect and go a long way.  Light eyes are perfect for evening.
Look found on

Here is another beautiful palette that you might consider:

You are beautiful…
Whether you are celebrating this holiday with a significant other, with friends, or just simply chalking it up to another Friday in 2014…it is always a good reminder to look in the mirror and genuinely realize all of the qualities you possess that makes you awesome!  Remember there is only one you.

I hope you believe that too!
You don’t need one day to feel special in my book.  You should feel special everyday!  Life is about the little things, you know…
Happy Valentine’s Day,
Catie Manning

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